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Everything about becoming a Volunteer

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

If you want to get involved voluntarily in HIV-Denmark's work, you must follow the page here. Here you can read about the different activities and what it means to be a volunteer within each group.

We make sure to update the page regularly with the initiatives that we are looking for volunteers. It is important to us that we can welcome new volunteers, so we are working on making some volunteer evenings, where you as interested can come in and hear about our work, groups and especially about the activities that we are currently looking for volunteers. .

We are always committed to developing and starting more volunteer activities that focus on HIV-positive people. They will be added to the page here when we are ready to invite interested volunteers in.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in one of the offers below, which is looking for volunteers, or if you have ideas for volunteer initiatives that you would like to establish within the association's framework, you are welcome to write directly to the volunteer coordinator at mail:

Write something about yourself and your motivation and then we will invite you to a conversation.

In the meantime, you can read more about HIV-Denmark's volunteer policy, which you can find here:

Volunteer activities

Kafe Knud

  • Kafe Knud is a small meeting place for HIV-positive people and others who sympathize with HIV-positive people.

  • Kafe Knud has an address in Skindergade 21 Copenhagen, where it is possible to have delicious food served with a smile. The food is prepared with a sense of quality and good taste, and Kafe Knud strives for every time you get a good dining experience.

  • Kafe Knud is also the meeting place where many other social events can take place.

  • Kafe Knud is open Monday and Tuesday.

  • In Kafe Knud, there is a desire for more volunteers who have the desire and courage to be part of the Café team, so there is an opportunity to expand Cafe Knud with events.

Meet and greet

  • Meet and greet consists of a group of HIV-positive people with other ethnic origins than Danish, therefore the group's events will also primarily take place in English.

  • HIV-Denmark has had the group before as an activity and has a desire for it to re-emerge. We therefore need someone who has a desire to be the coordinator and responsible for this group, as well as some volunteers who can be helpful with the events.

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