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By the Patient Association targeting its offers to and communicating with HIV-positive people, it will naturally be possible to derive health information in the form of an HIV status in connection with personal data such as name, telephone number, and e-mail. On this page, you can therefore read the measures we have implemented to protect this data and access this type of data with the greatest possible confidentiality.

Data processor

Hiv-Danmark has entered into data processor agreements with the following companies, which have thereby promised to comply with the European Personal Data Regulation:

  • for setting up member magazines and brochures *

  • Contar Regnskab Aps in relation to updating the membership directory, payment of salaries, and accounting services in relation to departments and projects, including:

    • Economics on bookkeeping and membership directory

    • Danløn payment of salary and fees

  • Delta plan for storage of contact information on volunteers who are affiliated with the drop-in center Kafe Knud

  • Mailchimp in relation to sending out newsletters (has joined the Privacy Shield agreement)

  • MS Office 365 for storage of data files **

  • EasySign up for storing contact information on people who sign up for the association's major events

  • in terms of email handling



The department * HIV-Denmark uses Adobe Systems and Mailchimp, which have servers located outside the EU. However, Adobe Systems and Mailchimp are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield scheme, and it is, therefore, possible to use these systems under the Personal Data Regulation.

** Hiv-Danmark has acquired licenses for Microsoft office 365, to store all its electronic data on a common drive, which is secured according to standards that comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Ordinance.

Personal data with activity groups and offers

When contacting the mentor scheme, personal data is stored for as long as a mentoring process runs. Personal data is then anonymized so that only scope and activity can be included in reporting to the donor.

Member information

Member information is retrieved in connection with the annual meeting and distribution of magazines to ensure that members can attend the annual meeting and receive membership mail. After personal data has been used, information is shredded. Access to member information is therefore only granted temporarily. In connection with elections to the AIDS Foundation's board, the AIDS Foundation makes an inquiry as to whether membership of HIV-Denmark is correct so that the person in question can vote. Health information is not passed on here, but only membership.

Board of Directors, volunteers, and employees Before 25 May 2018, the Board of Directors, volunteers, and employees have given their consent for personally identifiable information to be available on the website or in member magazines, as long as the person in question is active in the association. Alternatively, anonymize the name of the member. Personally, identifiable information is then deleted from the website. In member magazines and some other publications, only approved company e-mail or telephone numbers for HIV-Denmark are used.

Personally identifiable data, which is printed in the member magazine, is available in an archive on the website and in the secretariat for historical reasons. Personal consent must therefore be obtained for the mention of personally identifiable information in the member magazine and on the website for each article.

See also personal data policy and cookie policy for HIV-Denmark

Handling of personal data

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