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A meeting place, where everyone is welcome.

General Manager

Max is the general manager of Kafe Knud (Since 15th of May 2023)

My name is Max Johansen. I am 51 years old and grew up in North Jutland and today I live in Roskilde.

Throughout my working life, I have made my way in various industries. For 20 years I was working as a stableman & trotting trainer. On the basis of my working life across several industries and all kinds of people, I find myself very socially minded, which is why I have become interested in being the day-to-day manager at Kafe Knud.

I look forward to meeting you all, guests, business partners & friends at Kafe Knud.

Hopefully I will able to bring new life and ideas into Kafe Knud.

About Kafe Knud

Kafe Knud is a meeting place that was founded on 4 May 1992 after the social worker Knud Josefsen, who died of AIDS in 1991.


He was an active debater in the media about the involvement of HIV-infected and AIDS patients in their own treatment, and an initiator of the concept of user groups where patients make demands on their treating physicians and nurses. Kafe Knud is today a meeting place for HIV-positive people and their relatives, but also for others who sympathize with HIV-positive people.

Find Kafe Knud

Shelter and Café for people affected by hiv

Skindergade 21, kld. | 1159 København K

Contact: (+45)23437328 (Max)


See the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's smiley reports

Rent Kafe Knud 

It is possible to rent Kafe Knud.

Kafe Knud is located in Skindergade in the center of Copenhagen and is ideal for teaching, lectures, courses and meetings, receptions and small parties.

There is room for approx. 25 guests in Kafe Knud.


In the café, you will find a bar, a cloakroom, a toilet and a kitchen that can be used.

It is possible to move tables and chairs around as needed.

Price for renting Kafe Knud is:

  • Member:   DKK 750 ex. cleaning
    DKK 1350 incl. final cleaning

  • Non member: DKK 2.500 ex. cleaning
    DKK 3.100 incl. final cleaning

  • Associations:    DKK 400 ex. cleaning
    DKK 1.000 incl. final cleaning

If you like to rent Kafe Knud, please use contacts below:

Mobile: (+45)23437328 (Max)


Café Lone - Group

”The Café Lone Group” is an open activity group for all people affected by hiv, and it is run by volunteers.

The group meets up approx. once monthly in the cozy premises of the AIDS Foundation (Østergade 9, 4. Aarhus).

The purpose is to gather around a meal in safe and spacious surroundings.

The events at placed on the website of hiv danmark –

If you sign up via the mailing list,, then you will receive a personal invitation to the dinner event.

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