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March 25 - latest update

Who is recommended for Covid19 vaccination?

It is the infectious disease departments in the individual regions that must set their patients up for vaccination. And the criteria have not been exactly the same from region to region. That is why HIV-Denmark has also sent a letter to the outpatient clinics.

You can read more about the letter that has been sent out here

Right now:

  • Rigshospitalet and Hvidovre have recommended all their patients for vaccination

  • Roskilde, Skejby and Aalborg have now also nominated all their patients for vaccination. However, they have done so in two rounds in order of priority. Initially, in accordance with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's guidelines, they have prioritized patients with a low CD4 count and / or other comorbidities. Subsequently, they have suspended all their other patients.

  • Odense and Hillerød have not yet reported back.

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