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January 1, 2021 | HIV and coronavirus

Updated: May 12, 2022

HIV and particularly vulnerable to Corona

There is no evidence that people living with HIV are more prone to corona infection than others. However, the elderly and HIV-positive people who also have other diagnoses may be particularly vulnerable.

As the development is very fast right now, Hiv-Danmark encourages you to follow the authorities' recommendations. You can see the instructions and the latest updates here:

Researchers study the effect of vaccines on HIV-positive

Are HIV-positive people as well protected as everyone else when they are vaccinated against Covid-19?

A group of researchers has set out to investigate this. A team of professors and chief physicians in the Capital Region is in the process of finding out how, among other things, HIV-positive people react to the vaccine compared to others.

HIV-positive people are just one of several so-called risk groups with diagnoses that affect the immune system. Therefore, researchers are currently in the process of looking for HIV-positive participants to take part in their scientific research project.

Participants will have blood samples taken at Rigshospitalet seven times over 26 months - the first time is immediately after the first vaccination.

Participants do not appear at the front of the vaccine queue. You can sign up for the study from before the first vaccination until the second vaccination. You can read more here: Researchers are investigating the effect of vaccines on HIV .

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