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Well-treated HIV

Well-treated people living with HIV have such a low level of viruses that they cannot infect others?

The amount of HIV virus in the body is linked to the risk of a person living with HIV passing on it. A small amount of virus gives small infectivity, and a large amount of virus increases infectivity.

In Denmark, HIV-positive people have their viral load measured twice a year.

The amount of virus over time...

In the months after a person has been diagnosed as being HIV-positive, the amount of virus is extremely large, after which it drops to a lower level.

When people come for treatment for HIV, the amount of virus drops to an immeasurable level. However, other sexually transmitted diseases can help increase the viral load of HIV-positive people.


  • Make sure you know your HIV status

  • If you live with HIV, make sure you know your viral load

  • Safe sex is sex with a condom and silicone or water-based lube, and to avoid semen in the mouth

  • Most HIV-positive people who are being treated have a very small amount of virus.

  • In the vast majority of cases, the amount of virus becomes so small that it can no longer be measured. When the treatment has made the amount of virus immeasurable for more than six months, then you are well treated

Well-treated and contagious

In a well-treated HIV-positive person, the risk of transmitting infection is no longer present. However, if you have another sexually transmitted disease, you can not call yourself well-treated as the amount of virus increases and tears and wounds more easily occur in the infected areas.


  • Safe sex is sex with a condom and silicone or water-based lube, and to avoid semen in the mouth

  • If you do not have HIV, PrEP prevents this, but not against other sexually transmitted diseases, here it is only safe sex with a condom that prevents infection.

  • If you are well treated, safe sex protects against other sexually transmitted diseases

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