Coming to Denmark

Here is a short introduction to HIV care management for people living with HIV (PLHIV) coming to Denmark. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you might have.

In general PLHIV with an EU-citizenship are as such entitled to work and stay in Denmark and receive HIV treatment and care free of charge. For people coming from outside the EU different kinds of visa restrictions will apply, e.g. also including residence permit issued to a non-national in another EU-country,

People who achieve residence permits, e.g. a student or work visa in Denmark have free access to health care. In practical terms those persons will have access to a General Practitioner (GP), also called a family doctor and a specialist in general medicine.
The GP is usually the first point of contact for most citizens to health care delivery. A GP functions as a gatekeeper for further referrals.

Living with HIV you will be referred to specialist treatment at an outpatient clinic (hospital). If you are already receiving HIV treatment, your current doctor might help refer you to an HIV specialist in Denmark. It can take a little while to transfer you to a Danish HIV treatment facility, so it is a good idea to bring prescription drugs for your HIV treatment.
Going to your first appointment in Denmark it could be an advantage to bring an English resume on your previous HIV treatment with contact details of your current doctor. See this link for contact details for the different outpatient clinics (hospitals).

Initiating your treatment in Denmark, i.e. not having been on treatment before, you have to be referred by your e.g. GP, a checkpoint or a clinic for STI testing. Again, you are welcome to contact us on our e-mail

Once you hold a health insurance card, normally all costs connected to HIV treatment (tests, check-ups, consultations, medication etc.) are covered by the regional health services. If you have just entered Denmark be sure to check up on how you are covered by your current health insurance. In connection with your job your employer might have signed a private agreement on health insurance to cover any gaps for expenses relating to the public provision of HIV health care that you might not be covered by.

You might have other questions that relates to your personal life as PLHIV or relative. Psychosocial counseling is available by the Danish AIDS-Foundation free of charge for all PLHIV, relatives and bereaved in Denmark. Please contact to learn more.